Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for July 30, 2020

Getting The Job Done. In a rare move, the Massachusetts House voted to suspend their own rules and extend the legislative session past the end of the month as several bills are still being debated, including the much talked about police reform bill. Local police take aim with parts of the bill that originally pushed to do away with qualified immunity for officers. Chief Brian Kyes, the President of the Massachusetts Major City Chiefs of Police, and Chief Mark Leahy, the Executive Director of Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, join Dan to discuss police reform amid the extended legislative session.

Election Delay.This morning President Trump sent a tweet asking if our general election should be delayed past November 3rd because of the dangers of COVID-19 spread at in person polls and the fear of voter fraud if the whole country resorted to mail in ballots. The President's posting raises a myriad of questions not the least of which is does he have the power to delay an election and if not who does and should it be delayed in the first place? Do you think the idea floated by the President is a good idea or does it reek of desperation?

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