Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for January 11, 2021

Another Hat in the Ring? Boston Mayor Marty Walsh has been tapped as the new Biden Administration's Secretary of Labor. If confirmed Boston will need a new leader and current Police Commissioner William Gross says he may consider entering the fray for the office. Would the Commissioner be a good choice for the Hub’s next mayor?

Impeachment and the First Amendment. House Speaker Pelosi says her membership is ready to impeach and remove President Trump from office for inciting the attack against Congress last week. Does a call for a march on the Capitol equal the promotion of violence? Would impeaching the President for his address on the Ellipse be a violation of the First Amendment? Would such legal action now, create a precedent supporting the prosecution of any president for language a majority party did not like? Dan will be joined by Prof. Alan Dershowitz to discuss the ramifications of a second Trump impeachment.

Censorship Run Amok. For the first time in 12 years, President Trump has not been able to tweet this past weekend. Both Twitter and Facebook have banned the President’s accounts as well as any community account devoted to him, citing rules prohibiting content that incites violence. Is this a major infringement on freedom of speech? Has Big Tech gone too far?

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