Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for February 2nd, 2021

Mass Exodus. The wealthy are leaving Massachusetts at a concerning pace. According to a new Pioneer Institute report, the Bay state has experienced a net loss of $20 billion between 1993 and 2018 due to the exodus. The study blames the high tax rate in the Commonwealth as the reason many have left for states such as Florida and New Hampshire who tout much lower tax rates. Are you considering relocation? Director of the Pioneer Institute Greg Sullivan joins Dan to discuss.

A Bad Precedent? Despite former President Donald Trump no longer in office, Democrats and a handful of Republicans are relentless in their efforts to impeachment Trump. Their main goal is to make sure Trump never occupies the office ever again after what they claim was inciting violence during his speech on the Ellipse. Should President Trump be convicted when the Senate tries him on the impeachment? Attorney Harvey Silverglate calls the impeachment for Donald Trump “fundamentally anti-democratic” and joins Dan to discuss.

The Arrogance of Governor Cuomo. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo won an Emmy for his COVID press conferences before criticism mounted in New York State over his handling of COVID-19 infected patients in nursing homes. Now, Cuomo says that it is “cheap and insincere” to even discuss moving restaurant workers up in line for COVID-19 vaccinations. Will the Governor's arrogance be his undoing?

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