Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for February 19th, 2021

Vaccination Rollout Disaster. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker says his "hair's on fire" after the Commonwealth's vaccine portal repeatedly crashed yesterday due to “extremely high traffic” and software glitches. No appointments are currently available and there is a question of an adequate amount of vaccines being available for those people already booked. How impressed are you with the state's vaccination roll out?

Perseverance Touches Down. NASA's Perseverance rover has made a textbook landing on Mars after a 6 month, 292.5 million-mile journey from Earth. "Percy's" mission is to search for signs of ancient life on Mars in anticipation of manned exploration of the planet. Theoretical physicist and The City College of New York professor Dr. Michio Kaku joins Dan to discuss the rover's game plan and what it means for the future.

Medium Kari Young is Back! Medium Kari Young joins the show tonight to do readings and get you in touch with your loved ones! Call in tonight for your reading!

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