Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for February 22nd, 2021

To Reinstate or Not To Reinstate. Boston Police Commissioner Dennis White was put on leave after decades-old domestic abuse allegations became public. Now, the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives of Massachusetts wrote an open letter this past weekend advocating for him to be reinstated. NOBLE Massachusetts President Steven Tompkins says White has denied these allegations for years and that no criminal charges were ever filed. Should Boston Police Commissioner Dennis White be reinstated?

Dazed and Confused. The Massachusetts state website for booking a COVID-19 vaccine appointment has had its fair share of problems. For starters, many have complained of confusion when trying to register for an appointment, and just last week the entire website crashed after thousands of new eligible citizens took to the site to book an appointment. Does the state need a centralized preregistration system? Arlington software developer Olivia Adams created a one-stop shop for all information on vaccine enrollment and joins Dan to discuss.

Behind Trump. Despite a second impeachment trial, much of former President Donald Trump’s support is unshaken. A Suffolk University Poll finds that 46%-26% of those surveyed would actually abandon the GOP and join a Trump party if the former president started one. Furthermore, 54% expressed loyalty to Trump, the person, and only 34% to the Republican Party. Suffolk University Pollster Dave Paleologos joins Dan to discuss these findings.

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