Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for March 31, 2021

Baker's Rise in the Polls. According to a new Suffolk University/Boston Globe poll, a majority of Massachusetts residents are satisfied with Governor Charlie Baker’s response to the COVID pandemic. The tides have shifted for the governor where earlier in the month a UMass Amherst poll reported Gov. Baker lost a third of his support amid criticism of the state’s handling of COVID. Suffolk University Pollster Dave Paleologos joins Dan to discuss the governor’s rise in the polls.

The Chauvin Trial. On the first day of witness testimony in the trial of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, EMT Genevieve Hansen testified that even though she was off duty she tried to offer assistance to Mr. Floyd while he was handcuffed and pinned down on the ground by Officer Chauvin's knee. Hansen told the court she was rebuked by Chauvin for her attempt. Her account was backed up by both eyewitnesses and video recordings. Does this make the former police officer's defense case better or worse? Professor Mark Osler of The University of St. Thomas Law School in Minnesota joins Dan to discuss the case.

Four Pinocchios for Biden’s Election Law Claims. The Washington Post has awarded President Biden “four pinocchios” after fact-checking his Georgia election law claims made during his first press conference. The President falsely claimed that the new election laws in Georgia were un-American because they close the polls while people were still working. Despite this false statement, some Democrats and media members are calling for a boycott of the Peach State for voter suppression. Are the new Georgia laws being deliberately mischaracterized as an excuse to violate state election rights and push federalization of elections through the Senate?

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