Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for April 5, 2021

Hunter Biden and the Infamous Laptop. Hunter Biden has emerged to promote his new book, “Beautiful Things”, and in doing so gave an exclusive interview to CBS where he discussed his infamous laptop, his current DOJ investigation, as well as his history with alcohol and substance abuse. In the interview, Biden completely denied having any recollection of dropping off his laptop at a Delaware repair shop. Do you believe him?

MLB Steps Up to the Political Plate. On the heels of Georgia’s newest election laws that aim to restrict voter access, Major League Baseball decided to make a statement by moving their All-Star Game out of Atlanta. This decision means the city of Atlanta is out millions of dollars. Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp says that MLB has “caved to the cancel culture and a bunch of Liberal lies”. Is Gov. Kemp right or do you applaud the MLB for taking a political stand?

The Curious Handling of Mass Shootings. Within the last month there have been several mass shootings in the United States and another attack at the Capitol that resulted in the death of Capitol Police Officer Billy Evans. Have you noticed the disparate ways the mainstream media covers these high-profile events? Dan dives into the curious reporting styles of covering America’s recent tragedies.

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