Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for April 6, 2021

Come to Boston: We are Not as Racist as We Used To Be... Acting Boston Mayor Kim Janey says a new tourism campaign for the city will help combat the Hub's racist reputation by putting its people and neighborhoods “front and center for the very first time.” The campaign, “All Inclusive Boston,” is designed to provide an equitable recovery for the industry. Do you agree with Acting Mayor Janey that Boston is known as a racist city?

A Plea Deal. According to The Washington Post, it appears that the two teen girls who carjacked an Uber in Washington. D.C. that left the driver dead, are set to receive a cushy plea deal. The teen girls ages 13 and 15, have been charged with felony murder, carjacking, and armed robbery. If both girls are tried and convicted in juvenile court, they will not serve jail time past the age of 21. Does that seem right to you?

Unwitting Trump Donors. It has been discovered that scores of Trump supporters were unwitting campaign donors. In other words, a good number of supporters who made an initial donation to the Trump campaign later discovered that their bank accounts were tapped multiple times without their knowledge. The Trump campaign’s website was set up in a way that when you went to donate you had to read the fine print and physically uncheck a box to opt out of continuous donations. Did the Trump campaign rip off its own donors?

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