Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for April 9, 2021

Misinformation and Fake News. Dr. David Rand, a systems biology professor and author from MIT, joins Dan to discuss intuitive vs. deliberative modes of decision making and how they figure into the dissemination of fake news. Do you only go to websites that repeat beliefs you already hold? Is this a good or bad habit?

Boston Sports Teams Weigh in on Charter Schools. The Boston Red Sox and the Boston Celtics have thrown their support behind an effort to use Boston zip code quotas to select students for admissions to Boston Latin School and two other exam schools. The teams believe that the existing exam system has resulted in the schools remaining “largely inaccessible to far too many students, including students of color and students residing in some of Boston’s lowest-income ZIP codes.” Should professional sports teams get actively involved in political controversy?

President Biden's Gun Narrative. President Biden has just signed a series of executive orders designed to put restrictions on American gun ownership. In particular, the president has singled out background checks at gun shows, gun maker liability, and the waiting period between gun purchases and delivery. Did the president misrepresent the status of the current gun laws?

It's the 20th Hour and Time For Brushes With Celebrities! It's the last hour of the week and Dan wants to hear about your most memorable brush with a celebrity, whether that someone is from the movies, stage, sports or maybe just the infamous. Was your experience good, bad, or ugly?

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