Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for April 23, 2021

An Uncivil War. After the Ohio shooting of Ma’Khia Bryant at the hands of police, CNN's Don Lemon urged viewers to not "abandon the responsibility to be fair" and emphasized that the appropriateness of the shooting should be determined by the facts and the bodycam footage. Responding to Lemon, the ladies of The View took issue with Lemon's efforts to be fair saying he was wrong in his opinion. Co-Host Joy Behar took it as far as saying “even if the cop had to do it, there's something wrong with it." Who sounds more fair-minded to you?

Standing for Your Principles. A junior at Virginia Tech is suing her former soccer coach for unfair treatment she received after refusing to kneel before a game. Kiersten Hening says her former coach, Charles “Chugger” Adair, “subjected her to repeated verbal abuse, and forced her off the team.” Hening is suing for a judgment that Adair violated both her First and Fourteenth Amendment rights, among other things. Does this sound like a First and Fourteenth amendment violation to you?

Climate Asylum. The Biden Administration is studying the idea of providing immigration rights and citizenship to “climate migrants”. In other words, if asylum seekers come to the United States due to climate change displacement in their home countries, the Administration is seriously considering making these asylum seekers a top priority. Do you think that "climate migrants” deserve special consideration?

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