Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for April 26, 2021

Is Time Running Out for the Wakefield Warrior? The debate continues in Wakefield, Massachusetts regarding the future of its high school mascot, a stern-faced drawing of an Indigenous person wearing a headdress known as the Warrior. Tomorrow town residents will have the opportunity to weigh in during a town election via ballot question on whether the Warrior should be replaced. Mark Sardella of the Wakefield Daily Item joins Dan to discuss how the fight over the logo has become a referendum on cancel culture.

Survey Says. Recently, elementary, and high school students in Milton Public Schools were given a 91-question survey on race, sexuality, and gender. Questions such as whether the student identifies as “gay, lesbian, bisexual, pansexual, aromantic / asexual, or questioning” had many parents concerned that the school district has “misguided priorities” at a time when many parents think the main priority should be getting kids back in the classroom. What do you think Milton Public Schools top priority should be? Here to discuss this survey out of Milton is Tom Joyce of The New Boston Post.

Biden's Mixed Poll Numbers. A new Fox News Poll shows President Biden has a 54 percent majority of voters who approve of his job performance after 100 days in office. Those numbers flip when the topic of immigration was broached with only 34 percent saying he was doing a good job on the border. Since the Vice-President is the Administration's border czar, are these falling numbers her fault?

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