Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for April 27, 2021

The Boston Police Union Pushes Back... Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker has filed a set of bills that would expand police officers’ ability to pull over drivers and allow red-light cameras to be used in traffic enforcement. Boston Police Patrolmen’s Association President Larry Calderone joins Dan to discuss this plan along with other recent moves to restructure and retrain our local police forces.

Making Contact. Over the years not only have citizens claimed they have spotted UFOs in the sky but so has the Navy leaving many to ask the question, are aliens real? The Pentagon is planning to release to the public, information about the reality of UFOs as early as this June. Do you think we’ll get confirmation that aliens exist? Will mankind meet aliens sometime this century? Physicist Dr. Michio Kaku joins Dan to give his perspective on alien life and UFOs.

Kerry's Loose Lips... Former Secretary of State and current Biden Climate Czar John Kerry is denying Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Zarif’s claim that Kerry told him Israel had carried out 200 strikes on Iranian targets in Syria over a 2-year period. The statement from Zarif came in the form of leaked audio which was then published by the New York Times. Do you believe Zarif's assertions that the Secretary leaked Israeli military secrets? If true, should John Kerry resign his position in the Biden Administration?

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