NightSide with Dan Rea - Rundown for July 14, 2021

Lacking Diversity of Thought. As we see critical race theory integrated more and more into education systems across the country, it is the new lack of diversity of perspective that many parents tack aim with. The Boston-based group Parents United saw what their kids were taught during remote learning and found the subject matter to be one-sided, inflammatory, and at times not age appropriate. Executive Director and co-founder of Parents United, Ashley Jacobs, says “kids are being taught what to think rather than how” and joins Dan to discuss the group's campaign for true diversity of thought.

The President Throws Down on Voting Laws. During his speech in Philadelphia yesterday, President Biden presented voting-rights as the most imperative issue currently facing our country. He classified new state laws on election security as Jim Crow redux and compared Republicans opposing the For the People Act to antebellum slave owners yet insisted, he was not being political or using hyperbole. Was the President accurate in his characterizations or was he misrepresenting the proposed laws?

The New Voting Laws: Better Security or Voter Suppression? The Biden Administration claims the new election laws in 17 states are an effort to limit ballot access which he calls “authoritarian and anti-American.” In turn the President is urging Congress to pass a voting-rights bill that outlaws the state proposals. The battle line is currently drawn straight along party affiliation with Republicans almost uniformly opposed to the rules that Democrats have crafted. Do you think some state voting laws are too restrictive or “un-American”? Are these new laws vital to preventing voter fraud?

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