NightSide with Dan Rea - Rundown for July 15, 2021

A Day of Kindness. A restaurant down the Cape called Apt Cape Cod, closed down for a day to treat their employees to a “day of kindness” after continued verbal abuse by customers. The farm-to-table restaurant said the abuse by unruly patrons was so bad it made some of their employees cry. Owner Brandi Felt Castellano said the increased rude behavior by patrons has become a “its own epidemic.” Why have people emerged from the pandemic with such poor manners and behavior? Is the altered life we all endured during the pandemic an excuse to treat others unfairly?

Nero's Law. Yesterday, a hearing was held on Beacon Hill regarding a pair of bills that would permit medical personnel to treat and transport police dogs that are injured in the line of duty. Nero’s Law was named after K9 Nero who was shot on the same scene that former Yarmouth police officer Sean Gannon was shot and killed back in 2018. Supporter of the bill, State Rep. Steven Xiarhos hopes to sign the bills into law on Officer Gannon’s birthday this year, which is Aug. 22nd. Rep. Steven Xiarhos joins Dan to discuss.

Hiding the Facts? It looks like the Baker Administration held up “breakthrough” Coronavirus death data for 10 days after a FOIA request made by the Boston Herald. When finally released, the numbers show that 79 fully vaccinated people died from the virus. Joe Battenfeld of the Boston Herald joins Dan to discuss why the Administration may have sat on this information. Does this change your mind about the vaccine, currently only approved under the emergency use guidelines of the FDA?

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