NightSide with Dan Rea – Rundown for September 2nd, 2021

Wild Weather. Tornados, torrential rain, and flash floods are just part of the wild weather unleashed by the remnants of former Hurricane Ida across New England. NightSide producer Nancy Shack joins Dan to relay her experience being trapped in rising water on Storrow Drive in Boston this morning. How was your commute?

Evictions Banned in Boston Again!  Five days after the U.S. Supreme Court struck down the Centers for Disease Control's eviction moratorium, Boston Mayor Kim Janey signed a public health order temporarily banning residential evictions in the city. While good news for renters, landlords are up in arms. Is the Mayor's order a good thing?

Getting Paid to Not Shoot People… A new pilot program in San Francisco aims to pay 10 at-risk for violence individuals $300 a month to cut down on gun violence. The city has seen a spike in gun violence this year and the city’s Office of Neighborhood Safety believes this “Dream Keeper Fellowship” program is the solution. The program is set to begin this October. Do you think this program is a good idea? Should we be paying criminals to stop committing crimes? Rev. Eugene Rivers joins Dan to discuss.

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