Jordan Rich Fills In On NightSide with Dan Rea - Rundown for Sept. 8, 2021

Mandates, Masking, and More. A new Boston Globe/Suffolk University poll reveals that 72% of likely voters in Boston are in favor of employers requiring COVID vaccinations for their workers. Then 87% of those polled are in favor of a state-wide mask mandate in all public schools until at least early October. Are you in agreement with the majority vote in this poll? Would you like to see more local business have a vaccine or mask requirement?

When Traffic Builds... Have you noticed that Boston traffic is back but not in the way that it was before? It appears that while volume on the roads have increased, the volume is more dispersed throughout the day and less intense during rush hour. Historically, traffic tends to get worse after Labor Day with school back in session but this year it appears even worse as many workers are also returning to the office after many months working at home. How have you noticed traffic patterns change during your commute? Total Traffic and Weather Network traffic reporter Dan Mazella joins Jordan to discuss.

Jimmy Kimmel Bashes the Unvaccinated. This week, comedian and late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel made multiple jokes about how hospitals should not prioritize the unvaccinated. In response to Dr. Fauci’s public comment saying if numbers rise, they will have to make some tough choices about who gets an ICU bed, Kimmel said, “that choice doesn’t seem so tough to me”. While comedy is designed to make us feel uncomfortable, did Kimmel go too far? Are his comments a threat to the Hippocratic Oath?

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