Nightside with Dan Rea - Rundown for September 22, 2021

Is the Boston Mask Mandate the Final Blow for Area Gyms? Local Boston area gyms are petitioning against Boston’s indoor mask mandate. Gym owners say that “due to the increased difficulty in breathing while exercising, mask mandates hit their attendance harder than any other industry.” As a result, these gyms are losing business, making it harder for them to stay afloat. Should Massachusetts allow local gyms to waive their mask mandate?

Cluster-bleep at the Border. The Biden Administration is facing severe backlash for its handling of Haitian migrants swarming the U.S. Southern Border, after images of mounted Border Patrol agents using aggressive tactics went viral this week. Meanwhile Texas Gov. Greg Abbott says he is resorting to "unprecedented" methods to deter migrants from crossing into the state, including parking National Guard and DPW vehicles for miles along the border to create a "steel barrier." Former Acting Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Mark Morgan joins Dan to discuss.

Is the White House Dodging the Press? During yesterday's joint press conference with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and President Biden, three British reporters were allowed to ask questions while zero American journalists were given a turn at the mic. When a CBS reporter tried to ask a question the White House deputy press secretaries in the room shouted them down. Is the President being purposely silenced?

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