NightSide with Dan Rea - Rundown for October 8, 2021

Coyotes on the Loose. Have you noticed more local wildlife popping up lately? What about coyotes in particular? Mike DeFina from the Animal Rescue League of Boston joins Dan to discuss what you can do to not attract the critters to your home and what you do if you happen upon one while out for a stroll...

Is Emerson College’s Action “Kinda Sus”? Emerson College in Boston has suspended their Turning Point USA Chapter over members criticism of the Chinese government. The local chapter handed out stickers that said, “China Kinda Sus”, which means suspect or suspicious. The College is now investigating the chapter for “Bias-Related Behavior and Invasion of Privacy”. Do you think this is a violation of freedom of expression? Or are the stickers racist? Turning Point USA’s Emerson Chapter President Sam Neves and Vice President KJ Lynum join Dan to discuss.

A Lesson in Law and Ethics. UCLA Professor Gordon Klein was suspended from his position for refusing to grade his Black students with more leniency than others in his class. The professor who had been teaching at UCLA for 40 years was quickly labeled a racist for refusing to give special academic treatment based on skin color. Professor Klein is now suing UCLA to teach them a “lesson in law and ethics.” Was UCLA way too quick to judge and act against a veteran professor of theirs?

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