NightSide with Dan Rea - Rundown for October 13, 2021

Boston Suspends 812 Unvaxxed Workers. Boston Mayor Kim Janey has suspended 4 percent of the city's workforce for not complying with the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. The vaccine mandate applies to all of the city’s employees and contractors. The choice was either get vaccinated or provide a weekly negative test. Right now the city is operating under contingency plans to deal with the shortages. Whose side are you on? The mayor’s or the 812 unvaxxed employees?

Southwest CEO Says No Firings Over Mandate. After almost a week of flight cancellations and delays, the CEO of Southwest Airlines says the problems had nothing to do with the pilot's union pushing back on their vaccine mandate...but just in case he assured his employees that no one would be fired over not getting the jab. Do you think the airline scheduling problems will suddenly disappear?

Empty Shelves… Have you been seeing more empty shelves at the grocery store than usual? It could be due to global supply chain bottlenecks choking U.S. ports, highways, and railways. President Biden made an announcement stating that today the Port of L.A. along with Walmart, FedEx, and UPS, will begin operating 24 hours a day to help with the supply chain crisis. Do you have hope that things will improve before the holiday shopping season?

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