Jordan Rich Fills In On NightSide with Dan Rea - Rundown for Nov. 24, 2021

Healthifying the Holidays! Yes, it can be done! You can eat for the holidays and still stay on the health track. With the back-to-back holidays straight through to the New Year, it’s almost impossible to avoid all the goodies. Nutritionist, author, and creative food strategist Mona Dolgov will guide you to make the right choices whether you’re preparing the food or just eating it! She joins Jordan tonight.

Let’s Go To The Movies! Now more than ever, movies are everywhere! From streaming to the screen, your choices are endless…but which ones are worth your time? Brett Michel, freelance journalist and long-standing member of the Boston Society of Film Critics, joins Jordan to talk about all the great movies we can look forward to this holiday season!

The Music Behind The Silence. Although they’re called “Silent Movies,” there’s a whole lot of sound coming out of those speakers while you’re watching them! Music plays such an important role in movies. It can set the tone, mood, or even the pace of a film. Premier silent movie expert and live accompanist Jeff Rapsis joins Jordan to talk about the classics.

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