NightSide with Dan Rea - Rundown for January 7, 2022

Snowed In! This morning Massachusetts received its first real snowstorm of the year. Boston and many cities and towns throughout the Commonwealth received more snow than originally expected. Some parts of Boston saw at least 1 foot of snow while the National Weather Service reported Walpole to have the highest amount at 13.5 inches! How did you weather the storm?

An Incentive To Protect and Serve. A new set of bills has been introduced in Massachusetts by Rep. Lenny Mirra that aims to provide student loan payments and tuition reimbursement for those working in law enforcement and students seeking a criminal justice degree. The hope is that these bills would prop up what has become a dwindling number of police recruits. Rep. Lenny Mirra joins Dan to discuss.

4th Covid Dose? With the current Covid surge plaguing the country where the current national 7 day moving average of daily new cases has increased by 85.6%, West Virginia Governor Jim Justice is seeking a 4th Covid vaccine for his state. West Virginia is the first state in the nation to make this request from the FDA and CDC. Are we at the point where a 4th Covid dose is needed? What lies ahead for protection against Covid?

20th Hour. Within the last few weeks the world lost some lovable celebrities such as Betty White, John Madden, and today Sidney Poitier. While we like to honor and dote on the celebrities we love, tonight we want to know about the celebrities you don’t like! Which celebrity would you never want to meet? Are you one of the few who dislike one of the world’s most beloved celebrities?

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