Police: Daylight In Dartmouth Causes Vampires To "Spontaneously Combust"

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DARTMOUTH, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Dartmouth Police took a moment to bring some comedic relief to the community on Sunday morning with a warning of vampires being seen "vaporizing" around town.

Dartmouth Police wrote on Facebook they are investigating several cases of "spontaneous human combustion" after vampires made their way into the sunlight.

"According to Chief Brian P. Levesque, "I, like many other town residents, was completely unaware of the presence of vampires in Dartmouth. However, as the sun hasn't made a lengthy appearance in town for several weeks, I am not totally surprised that they got comfortable roaming the streets amongst us. Moving forward, I am going to make sure that every one of my officers is equipped with a holy water squirt gun, and properly trained in the use of wooden stakes," Dartmouth Police wrote on Facebook.

Dartmouth Police have a history of using humor in their Facebook posts in addition to using the platform to inform the Dartmouth community of more serious public safety matters. Detective Kyle Costa is the man behind the humorous posts.

"When the Chief asked me to do it it was always going to be a three-prong approach that it was educational, entertaining, and engaging," Detective Costa said.

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He said the station started incorporating more light-hearted posts on its Facebook page around seven years ago.

"I think the hardest part about maintaining a public safety page is keeping people interested daily... I think we've hit the nail on the head as far as keeping them coming back with you know things that are kind of funny that they can pass on to other people who bring other people to our page, it's an ever-expanding audience for us," Detective Costa said.

Costa said while the station uses humor to help bring attention to its page, the playful posts are also a way to humanize the Dartmouth Police and encourage engagement with the community.

"DISCLAIMER: The town of Dartmouth welcomes all citizens, including real vampires, and those who identify as vampires, to call this amazing town their home...just as long as they agree not to suck people's blood, and to abide by the laws of the Commonwealth," Dartmouth Police added on Facebook.

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