Boston and Philly Police Roast Each Other Online

Boston Police vs. Philly Police

BOSTON, MA (WBZ-AM) -- The Boston Police Department and their counterparts in Philadelphia, PA were ribbing each other on Twitter ahead of Sunday's Super Bowl LII game.

The social media trolling began Friday afternoon at the City's Public Safety press conference after Boston's Mayor Marty Walsh renamed the "Eagle Conference Room" at Boston's City Hall to "The Belichick Room." 

Walsh also claimed that the eagle in the backroom, sporting a New England Patriots hat and scarf, was actually a New England Patriots fan.

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Mayor Walsh: Eagle At Boston's City Hall Is Actually A Patriots Fan - Thumbnail Image

Mayor Walsh: Eagle At Boston's City Hall Is Actually A Patriots Fan

Boston Police tweeted this as a fact.

But, Philadelphia Police cried foul suggesting that Boston Police let the eagle soar to freedom and implying the big bird had Stockholm syndrome.

“It’s about time you guys set that eagle free! Go Eagles! #FlyEaglesFly,” Philadelphia Police tweeted from their account.

Boston Police clapped right back with greasy light poles references. 

"We tried but he had nowhere to land...light poles too greasy," Boston Police tweeted.

Philadelphia officials used tubs of Crisco on poles across their city during the NFC Championship game to prevent celebrating Philadelphia Eagle fans from climbing onto them after the game.

It seems that Philadelphia's finest were not too pleased by that tweet and clapped back even further by insulting the entire Patriots Nation tweeting: 

"We understand. It must be tough not having a hometown football team to root for!"

It included a Google map pointing how Foxborough, MA, home to Gillette Stadium and the New England Patriots is 30 miles away from Boston proper.

In an attempt to educate the Philadelphia Police force on the vastness of Patriots Nation, Boston Police tweeted a map of the New England states. 

However, Philadelphia Police just could not help themselves at the social media trolling by pointing out New York City on the map.

Boston Police reminded their counterparts in the city of Brotherly Love of the New England Patriots' Superbowl Championship record with a GIF of Tom Brady showcasing his five Superbowl rings and while questioning Philadelphia Eagles record.

"No, the @Patriots don't need the @Giants rings...but since you brought up rings, remind us how many the @Eagles have again?," Boston Police tweeted.

Philadelphia Police attempted to play-off the insult tweeting back with a photo containing fictional rings from the movie trilogy "Lord of The Rings."

Fictional rings, from a fictional, fantasy adventure movie.

In a class act, the Boston Police Department ended the friendly trolling with their siblings in blue with the following tweet below and got back to real police business.

"Much respect to the @PhillyPolice. No matter Sunday's  outcome, we're all on the same team.  out there!"

The feelings and respect were mutual if not more from The Philadelphia Police Department --  tweeting that they "are huge fans of our Blue Family in Boston."

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