Police Not Pleased With Brady Street Sign Change

(Credit: Millbury, MA Police/Facebook)

MILLBURY, Mass ( WBZ NewsRadio ) — Police in Millbury are not pleased after someone in town renamed a street after Tom Brady right after Sunday’s Superbowl match up against the Los Angeles Rams.

In a Facebook post Monday , Millbury Police shared a photo of the street sign covering Goff Street to “Brady” Street.

It so happens that there’s a Goff on the Ram’s Roster — Jared Goff is their quarterback.

While police agree and joked that the New England Patriot Quarterback is the greatest of all time they said that the clandestine switch poses a public safety problem with ambulance not familiar with the area.

“While there’s no denying that Tom Brady is the GOAT......the town has not changed Goff Street to Brady St. And while we did get a chuckle out of this, there could’ve been serious consequences that accompanied this. Often times, we use a covering ambulance service and the crew of that ambulance might not be familiar with this street. Thankfully there were no issues. Goff Street will be getting its identity back. GO PATS!!!” the post said

The post prompted reaction from users on how to change the street from Goff Street to Brady Street.

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