Did You See This Stuffed Toy Goat At The Patriots Parade? It's Missing

BOSTON ( WBZ NewsRadio ) — Michael Brody and his wife Shari never imagined their toy stuffed animal Brady the goat would become such a celebrity.

“He's become our mascot,” Brody said.

The Amherst, New Hampshire couple brought Brady sporting a Tom Brady shirt to the Patriots Super Bowl parade on Tuesday.

Before Michael knew it, the stuffed toy goat was being tossed up onto the duck boats.

"Gronk was holding it cuddling was kissing you next go to air on it and I get this go back and it smells like beer and like 'this is pretty cool' and then another boat goes by and so I throw it up and it was to Marcus Cannon and he passed it off to I think was Karras," he said.

But at one point throughout the parade — the stuffed goat never made it back to Michael.

Now they are putting out a plea on social media asking anyone who knows where Brady ended up to help get him back home.

WBZ NewsRadio’s Shari Small ( @sharismallnews ) reports.

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