Brockton: South Shore's City Of Champions Rocks Out To Redemption

Photo: Matt Shearer / WBZ NewsRadio

BROCKTON, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Over the course of our coverage throughout the Commonwealth, finding cool things to do in Massachusetts towns and cities, many had some choice words on the renowned "City of Champions" Brockton on the South Shore. But instead of taking those opinions at face value, WBZ's Matt Shearer decided to give Brockton a fair shot— finding a number of kind-hearted people along the way.

Matt found some interesting vendors in town, like Chop Shop, a barber shop on Belmont Street that has a secret room in the back that sells shoes. There's Birdie's Hot Chicken, where one resident named Colin swore by the belief that Brockton has a legendary hardcore punk scene.

"It's all the bad kids from class together doing bad kids stuff. I really think you should show up to the show," Colin said.

Doing his due diligence, Matt arrived to Gate Keeper Jam at the Drug Church to see Fiddlehead rocking out on stage.

"It's not really like an ass beater, it's more like a heart beater," said Fiddlehead lead singer Pat Flynn.

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At the end of the day though, words spoken next to the Dunkin' fireplace by one resident named John held true.

"It's so much easier to be kind to someone than be mean to someone. There's just so many good people, man. The world is inherently good," John said.

WBZ's Matt Shearer (@MattWBZ) reports.

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