Cambridge Dungeon & Dragons Store Surges In Popularity From Stranger Things

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — It turns out Kate Bush's music isn't the only thing seeing a resurgence from the show featuring 'the upside down.' Pandemonium Books & Games in Cambridge's Central Square has all the supplies for Dungeons & Dragons and board games, and has received a level-up in sales after Stranger Things started streaming on Netflix.

Shop owner Tyler Stewart gave WBZ's Matt Shearer a tour of the towering aisles full of books on roleplaying games, who said season four of Stranger Things dropping has played a critical role in their boost in transactions.

"There's been a lot of fifty-something's that went 'hey! I remember D&D that was fun," Stewart said.

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Apart from D&D merchandise, Pandemonium Books & Games hosts plenty of in-house events like war-games and card fight tournaments.

"Science fiction and fantasy has moved from the niche into the mainstream— there are very few people who come up to and ask what D&D is because of Stranger Things. D&D is like a movie, but you get to play the characters. Like all fads, there's probably going to be a shift in the next couple of years I imagine. But we're still going to keep a lot of them because they're generally fun," Stewart said.

WBZ's Matt Shearer (@MattWBZ) reports.

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