Obesity On The Rise In Cats

By WBZ NewsRadio

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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) — The obesity epidemic isn't just hitting humans - it's affecting our pets as well. That's leading to a rapid rise nationally in feline diabetes cases.

Meet Webster. He's an adorable, 10 year old gray and white cat who is looking for his forever home. Veterinarians at the Animal Rescue League of Boston recently discovered Webster has diabetes.

He's now on a regiment of insulin injections twice a day, while in foster care. Animal Rescue League Veterinarian Dr. Emily Forline says just as some people overfeed themselves and their kids, they also tend to overfeed their cats.

Forline says she and her staff are seeing an increase in cats coming in with diabetes, mirroring a rapid rise nationally in the number of feline diabetes cases. In many cases, pet obesity is to blame.

“People like to leave food out - free feed their cats. That doesn't really let them regulate how much they should be eating and when. I definitely would recommend people feed two pre portioned meals for their cats per day — get them at a steady glucose level instead of just gorging themselves all the time,” she said.

It takes diabetic cats a bit longer to be adopted, Forline is sure Webster will find the right match for him.

WBZ NewsRadio Kim Tunnicliffe (@KimWBZ) reports

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