Teen Praised For Saving Suicidal Friend's Life Across Country

By WBZ NewsRadio

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TAUNTON, Mass (WBZ NewsRadio) — A mother and daughter from Taunton are being credited after springing into action with helping to save the life of a suicidal Texas teen.

Abby Andrews had been face timing and talking online with her friend Corbin, who she met through a texting app, for just over a year. Corbin lives in Austin, Texas and the two had a lot in common — both were suffering from depression and anxiety.

Last Sunday, Abby says her friend became suicidal and stopped responding to her.

“I was trying to message him, but it said he was offline. I was getting nervous because he doesn't just stopped talking suddenly, so I knew something was wrong.”

Abby shared her concerns with her mother Jenny, who called police in Austin. They did a well-being check and found Corbin at his home.

He had been self-harming and his parents had no idea he had been suicidal. They now know, thanks to Abby

“I'm really happy that he was finally hopefully able to get the help he needs,” she said “I don't want him going through what I went through a few months ago. I want him to be happier and more positive about himself because I'm trying to do the same.”

Abby's been through her own battles. She lost her dad to a fentanyl overdose in October. Despite dealing with her own depression and anxiety, Abby is vowing to stand by her friend Corbin.

“I will be with him all the way through it,” she said.

Abby's mom Jenny is amazed at how strong her daughter really is.

“I'm extremely proud. I have amazing children. I think it's great that she knows she can come to me if she has issues. I just - I couldn't more proud of her,” Jenny Andrews said.

WBZ NewsRadio’s Kim Tunnicliffe (@KimWBZ) reports.

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