Veterinary Shortage Amid Surge In Pet Adoptions


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BOSTON (WBZ NewsRadio) – The Coronavirus Pandemic saw a lot of things and a surge in pet adoptions was one of them.

However these new pet owners may be struggling to get their furry friends a check-up as there has also been a shortage of veterinarians and support staff.

“That’s a recipe for longer wait times in veterinary hospitals and a lot of stress and anxiety and burnout among the professionals working in the veterinary industry.

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Rob Halpin with MSPCA Angell says pet keepers are sometimes waiting up to five hours for their pets to be seen.

“Nobody wins in this scenario and Angell is doing everything it can to try and bring on more veterinarians and support staff. They’re just not there right now.”

In the meantime, Halpin is advising new pet keepers to not act like many new parents.

“Where every cost and graze match as we is an emergency which we have to pack up and head to the E.R.”

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