Weeks After Shutdown's End, MBTA Orange Line Slow Zone Delays Remain

Photo: Shari Small / WBZ NewsRadio

MEDFORD, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — With the Orange Line shutdown in the rearview mirror, train commuters are expressing frustration that leftover "speed bumps" are slowing down their travel pace.

According to the Transit Matters Data Dashboard the Orange Line ran with about a 20-minute delay this past week, most likely because of slow zones that have stuck around since maintenance. Though on Friday, travel times seemed to have improved, as some speed reductions were lifted, cutting down that delay to 15 minutes.

Before the shutdown, Orange Line delays were at around seven minutes.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority said they targeted six slow zones between Jackson Square and Wellington Station in Medford, where WBZ's Shari Small spoke to passengers that weren't thrilled about the setbacks.

"In a city like Boston we should have a more reliable transportation system— it's ridiculous. I figured after the month things would be much better but [it's] still very slow. It's not dependable. It's very frustrating," said Sandra of Braintree.

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MBTA officials said in the past that the Orange Line slow zones would be lifted around a week after service was reinstated, but slow zones remain between North Station in Boston and Assembly in Somerville. The slow zones and speed restrictions stayed in place to allow for the track work to settle, officials said.

"It's better than one week ago, I think it's improved. When it started it was as slow as ever but now, I think it's running faster and faster," said Navaldo of Boston.

WBZ's Shari Small (@ShariSmallNews) reports.

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