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The Family Ties that Heal: "Mario's Mission" Helps Break the Chains of Addiction

All Aboard for the Bay State Model Railroad Museum's Open House

Many model railroad lovers have setups in their basement, a bedroom, or the garage, but in Roslindale, model train enthusiasts have spent decades creating a museum dedicated to the craft of creating intricate train layouts! The members of the Bay State Model Railroad Museum love to lay track, paint, build, and create, and the public will get soon get a chance to see their work up close and personal. Jeremy Hartwell, President of the Museum, joins Nichole this week to talk about their work, the layouts they have on display, and their efforts to connect with their community.

Immerse Yourself in "French Masterworks" with the Melrose Symphony Orchestra

The Melrose Symphony Orchestra is the oldest continuously performing volunteer orchestra in the country, making its way through Season 106! The musicians have been practicing for their upcoming performance on March 2, which focuses solely on French composers. Conductor Yoichi Udagawa returns to the show to talk with Nichole about the lineup, as well as the Orchestra's upcoming children's concert, where kids can take part in an instrument "petting zoo"!

New England Forestry Foundation Charts a Climate-Friendly Path for New England's Woodlands

Millions of lush, healthy trees make up New England's forests, and those trees could end up being a major player in the fight against climate change. For nearly a century, the New England Forestry Foundation has made it their duty to conserve and cultivate our woodlands, and as we look ahead to an uncertain future, the Foundation is embarking on a new five-year pilot program, hoping to utilize the very trees we enjoy to help reduce our carbon emissions. Bob Perschel, Executive Director of the Foundation, offers a forestry primer in this episode, along with an in-depth explanation of their "30 Percent Solution" to mitigate the impacts of our changing climate on the land we love.

"Sephora Kids": Social Media and the Rise of Skincare-Addicted Tweens

Makeup and skincare influencers are a dime a dozen on social media these days. Normally, they're offering up advice for adults, but tweens are now embracing their advice - to the point where they're buying up skincare products that could actually be doing damage to their fragile, young skin. These "Sephora Kids" have been caught on camera trashing testers in makeup stores, and many adults are wondering what can be done to turn this trend around. Dr. Arianne S. Kourosh, Director of Community Health in the Massachusetts General Hospital Dermatology department, joins Nichole this week to talk about how these products can hurt young skin, the psychological impact of these influencers, and how parents can intervene in a healthy way.

Worcester's "Pawsitively 4 Pink" Offers a Helping Hand to Breast Cancer Patients

Thousands of people come down with breast cancer each and every year here in Massachusetts, and while treatment is critical for recovery, it can also get very expensive, very quickly. Finances can become overwhelming, even for everyday purchases like food and housing costs. Enter Pawsitively 4 Pink. Founder Michelle Power talks with Nichole this week about their work to ease financial burdens for low-income breast cancer patients by helping them cover some of their essential costs. She also has details about their new statewide collaboration with Resinate to raise money and awareness.

From At-Large to President: A Conversation with Boston City Councilor Ruthzee Louijeune

After a turbulent couple of years, the Boston City Council is now in the hands of new leadership. At-Large Councilor Ruthzee Louijeune, the first Haitian-American to serve on the council, took over the role of President in January. Council President Louijeune joins Nichole this week to reflect on her inauguration and path to the presidency, talk about current events and her plans to bring integrity and accountability to the Council, and lay out what her priorities are for her term.

Courage, Confidence, Character: Girl Scouts of Eastern MA Help Young Women Dream Big

The Girl Scouts have been a fixture across America for more than 100 years, and here in Massachusetts, dozens of troops help bring girls together each and every day to make memories. Barb Fortier, the CEO of Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts, joins Nichole this week to talk about all the ways Girl Scouting can help young women make friends, learn critical life skills, enrich their self-esteem, and give back to their community. She'll also discuss her upcoming retirement after nearly a quarter-century of service, and a discussion on Girl Scout cookies is also on the agenda!

A Hot Spot in the Cold City: CultureHouse's Pop-Up Sauna on Boston's City Hall Plaza

With the wet, snowy, gray, dreary weather we've been having lately, a session in a steamy sauna would be the perfect thing to warm up! Unfortunately, access to saunas can be out of reach for many, but CultureHouse in Somerville's changing that with its new pop-up Winter City Sauna on Boston's City Hall Plaza, which is open until early March. Aaron Greiner of CultureHouse has all the details about the sauna, other projects CultureHouse is involved in around Boston, and their mission to help residents of the Boston area connect.

Breaking the Cycle of Addiction and Poor Dental Care in Worcester

Usually, when you hear of treatments for substance abuse, you think of rehab, therapy, and support groups, and you don't think of the dentist. However, many people who are struggling with addiction are also dealing with a major hurdle to recovery: poor dental health that's caused by the use of substances like drugs or alcohol. Dr. Hugh Silk and his team at UMass Chan Medical School in Worcester just received a new grant to work directly with those battling addiction in the Worcester area, helping them restore their dental health and develop more self-confidence. Dr. Silk joins Nichole this week to talk about why oral health is so important and his plans for this new grant.